Blackspace Moon

The new way
of mining resources

To date, all human economic activity has depended on the material and energy resources of a single planet; understandably, perhaps. It is conceivable though that future advances in space exploration could change this by opening our closed planetary economy to essentially unlimited external resources of energy and raw materials. Look up at the Moon this evening, and you might be gazing at a solution.

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Mining on the Moon

The Moon is rich with many different resources that are running out on Earth. Their abundance on the Moon can help the environment of our own planet and provide rare resources that can be used for future projects and discoveries.

For example the ability to mine Helium-3 could have a tremendous impact on Earth and the environment. Helium-3 is a clean, non-radioactive energy source that could potentially power nuclear fusion reactors. Theoretically, a relatively small amount could produce enough clean fuel to power entire industries, if not the entire planet.

The Moon does possess abundant raw materials that are of potential economic interest. The lunar surface rocks and soils are rich in potentially raw materials such as magnesium, aluminium, silicon, iron and titanium.

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  • Helium-3 can be used as fuel in fusion reactors
  • Abundance of iron, aluminum, magnesium, titanium and silicon
  • Takes about 3 days to land on the Moon
  • Can be the first space colony humanity will create

Our Partners

Our Goals


Be the first private company on the Moon

We want to the first private company to land and start operations on the Moon


Bring new resources to Earth

We want to collect the resources from the Moon and bring it back to our planet for better use


Unlock other possibilites

After the mining operation, we would have many resources for other possibilities like starting up a colony on the Moon

Our Views

We believe that we can get to the moon in 2017 by partnering with other private companies and combining out resources

  • Mining on the moon can boost Earths economy
  • Reduce mining of non-renewable resources on Earth
  • Start up colonisation of different planets